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What’s new? United States Upload.


Dance Studio Jacket III – Inkwell, Soot Light, Plum and Black.

unviversal wrap heathered black swan

Universal Wrap in Black Swan.  Also available in Heathered White and Black.

Swiftly Plu Stripe

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve in Heathered Plum.

after glow cozy stripe scuba

Scuba Hoodie in Afterglo/Cozy Stripe Printed Multi.  Super fun!

studio pant inkwell plum black

Studio Pant in Inkwell, Plum and Black.  These supposedly have a shorter inseam – 31.5″.

Also new in the upload – Seize the Day Jacket, Street to Studio Crops, City Pulse Pant, Studio Softshell,  and the Forme Jacket II.

What did you pick up from this week’s upload??  Share your purchases with us!

Will Crop – A Review.

Will Crop

I hesitated buying the Will Crop for a few weeks – I can be a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to purchases.  I just love my Wunder Unders so much (I was scared to stray)…and, quite frankly, I was put off by the high-waist and drawstring.  Fortunately, I have wonderful, fellow Lulu-lovers (ahem…Shannon) that bring me to my senses about matters such as a ‘convertible waist’.

I own these babies in Soot Light, of course (my go-to color, currently).  I love that I can wear them high-rise for inversions, then adjust the drawstring for a comfortable low-rise (shown above).  And like all Lulu, they are super comfy for lounging, as well.

Although these are technically crops, they fit me as ankle-length pants – just like the girl above.  I bought my regular pant size – 6.  Will Crops fit like a Wunder Under with just a bit more room to groove.  These babies are super flattering…  Maybe even more so than my beloved Wunder Unders.  I adore the pocket detailing, too.  It adds a bit of interest to a normally plain crop.  In my regular size, I haven’t experienced any sheerness.  In order to achieve a Wunder Under fit, the Will Crops can be a size down item for many.  Perhaps that is why others have mentioned VBL (visible panty line).  I regularly do a “Down Dog Test” when I order new pants and crops and these passed with flying colors.  The Will Crop Luon is thick…and ridiculously soft.

These are  must for any crop lover!


Tuck and Flow Long Sleeve – A Review.

First off, I am stunned by the amount of negative reviews on the Tuck and Flow Long Sleeve.  It seems many of the reviews on the site are less than favorable (despite the 4 star rating), and several of my friends have been lukewarm about it, as well – “Suck and Blow Long Sleeve,” anyone??  Nonetheless, I was excited for a non-Swiftly long sleeve top, so I ordered it immediately.  Plus, I love, love, love the Rulu material.  I have an older Ride On Henley that is one of my favorite purchases…ever.  The softness of Rulu just can’t be beat.  The Tuck and Flow proves that – it is velvety soft.

 I ordered my normal size for tops – an 8, which is the size I took in the Ride On.  Whoa.  Holy material.  I had so much room in the 8 I could have put another Ashley in there!!  I returned it for a 6.  Much better.  In fact, the 6 was perfect.  There seemed to be a huge difference between the 6 and the 8.  Odd.  Get it together with the sizing, Lulu…  Please.

I ordered the beautiful Slalom Stripe Angel Wing – shown below.  I love the versatility of this color combo.  It looks amazing with black, Plum, and Inkwell.  Also, I’m a sucker for stripes.

Tuck and Flow

The Plum Tuck and Flow is gorgeous, too.  I’ve debated ordering it, but I am really trying to cut back a bit on my Lulu spending…  Sad, huh??

Tuck and Flow2

I love the back detailing.  It is so much more interesting than the Devotion or Swiftly.

All in all, I think this is a great top.  It’s softness is unmatched.  I have been throwing it on after yoga practice (to keep the air-conditioned chills at bay).  It’s an amazing layer.  While it is still a bit too hot to give this top all the lovin’ it deserves,  I know it will certainly be a go-to come autumn.  It’s nice enough to wear with skinny jeans and boots!!  Having multiple ways and places to wear it helps justify the hefty price tag ($78).

Namaste, friends.

Coming soon online- Reviews

Lulu is doing a great job getting us excited for Fall! Many of the new items showing up in stores are constructed of better quality fabrics and finished with thoughtful details that set Lulu apart from the crowd.
The Blissed Break Wrap is $128 and comprised of thick but soft (not starchy) fleece, and has lined edges of a sweater-like material. The edges boost this from any ole sweatshirt, to a top that could carry you beyond the yoga studio or couch. It has one snap closure across the chest. It is available in 2 colors: black/charcoal and light charcoal grey.



Next up is a new tank with a not-so-new design. It’s called the Hustle and Bustle tank. It does not have a built in bra, has a continuos drawstring at the hem to cinch at the waist. So far I’ve seen plum, pink and blue.



The plum Astros were uploaded on the Canadian site last week, but the US side only got talls (odd). Stores, however have the regular length:


New pants called Track to Reality arrived in stores. At $108, I have to wonder what lulu was thinking with these. They remind me of high school track. They’re a water-resistant swift on the outside.




Also spotted were new vinyasa scarves (all black ones not pictured)


I had to grab the new speeds, given they sold out online in a flash. Such a sucker for a great pink:


Then we have the butter soft rulu Tuck N Flow top. I couldn’t decide on color so for now I held off on this one:



I was pleasantly surprised by the Atma tank. At $52, it’s a longer length, built in bra tank that actually works for bustier girls. I am in a 6 here


I can only assume Lulu’s design team had been out celebrating something when they came up with the Tech Mesh Tights. They are $108. Just no.



I tried the new blue scuba with striped panels and the secret hidden embroidery. Love. Didn’t come home with me yet but it may. I’m in a sz 6.


And finally, the Bliss Break Hoodie. Lulu needs to work on creativity in naming…I feel like everything is “Blissful.” At $98 this is a super soft French terry hoodie with elbow details (gathered stitching) and back vent panels. It comes in heathered plum and heathered black. Here’s the plum:



And that wraps up this fitting room marathon. What are your new faves??
Namaste and happy shopping!

What’s New?

Midnight Iris Scuba

Midnight Iris Scuba.

New CRBs

CRBs in Midnight Iris, Hyper Stripe Blue Moon/Inkwell, Hyper Stripe Raspberry Glo Light/Plum.

retro bag

Retro Groove Bag in Angel Wing.

plum atma tank get sweaty headband

Atma Tank in Plum.

black swan wrap

Universal Wrap in Black Swan (my absolute favorite Lulu color), Wunder Under Pant in Midnight Iris, CRB (?) in Split Pea and the Happy Hatha Hour Bag in Plum/Inkwell.  I LOVE this entire outfit.

*New* Scuba Love – Pic Heavy


The Plum Scuba Hoodie.  My camera washes this out.  It is so much more beautiful in person.

photo 1

The logo has a lovely Split Pea contrast.  The zipper (shown above) is also Split Pea.

photo 2

How adorable is this??  Sometimes we all need a reminder.  This little detail is located on the left sleeve, near the wrist.

photo 4

The Blue Moon shade is too gorgeous.  I’m such a sucker for blues.

photo 5

Shhhh… I’m Meditating – this embroidery is on the back of the hood.  I love this fun detail, but it isn’t visible unless the hood is up.  It’s a nice little surprise, though.

photo 3

I love the the stripes are on the bottom and sides.  It’s a great contrast.

photo (1)

Pardon my green velour pants here…  Isn’t this color fun?!?


The lovely Miss Shannon in the Hyper Stripe Printed Afterglow/Plum.  This is a great color combo for blondies.

I have a definite soft spot for hoodies.  Always have.  My first Lululemon purchase was a Scuba.  I bought a Wee Are From Space Scuba over a year ago.  It still looks brand new…and it sparked my Lulu love.  I now own several Scubas…and I wear them all the time.  They are the perfect cool weather layer.

I have been waiting for the release of these new Scuba colors since I first got a preview of their loveliness – I’m a sucker for stripes!  I was also intrigued by the secret embroidery (not shown/advertised on the Lulu site).  I ordered all three and have been dead set on returning either the Plum or the Plum stripe – I don’t need all three?!  Right??  I’m having a hard time deciding which to part with.  They are both gorgeous!

I ordered my usual Scuba size in these (size 10).  Scubas run incredibly small on me, especially in the arms.  The Plum Stripe and the Plum both fit great, just enough room.  The Blue Moon fits a tad more snug in the body.  It isn’t too small by any means, but there is a major difference between it and the Plum.  What gives, Lulu?  The sizing inconsistency is my beef with them lately.

What are your thoughts on the new colors?  Which are you lusting after?  Have you noticed any sizing inconsistencies?  Your feedback is appreciated.


What’s new? 7/30/2013

plum scuba soot cool racerback

Plum Scuba.

scuba stretch plum moon blue commuter denim

Scubas in Plum, Commuter Denim Slate, Plum (again), Blue Moon Hyper Stripe, and Hyper Stripe Printed Afterglo and Plum.

split pea

Split Pea/Inkwell/Pow Stripe Scuba.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 8.49.56 AM

Happy Hatha Hour Bag in Split Pea, Plum/Inkwell.

Also new – Mod Dot Ta Ta Topper, Energy Tanks, new Swiftly V-Neck and Racerback colors, Sizzle Power Y.  The Canadian side got lovely Plum Astros.  Hopefully these babies will be in the US soon!

Namaste & happy shopping!