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New Lulu Lab Collab – Noir.

Live Love Shape posted today about a new Lululemon Lab Collaboration…   (See link below.)  The collab will premiere sometime in July and is titled “Noir.”

I personally loved their last collab “Future Varsity,” so I am anxious to check out “Noir.”  It looks like we can expect a new bra, pants, a dress, and possibly some jackets.  I will post more details as they are available.

Screen-Shot-2014-07-11-at-8.43.40-AM-702x336 (1)


What’s new?

Rollin' With My Om'ies Tank.

Rollin’ With My Om’ies Tank.

Paired with the High Times Tech Mesh Crops.

Rollin' With My Om'ies Tank, Camo WUC and Flow Y Bra.

Rollin’ With My Om’ies Tank, Camo Wunder Under Pants and Flow Y Bra.

I am LOVING the camo with black.  I have seen it paired with a few pinks and I’m not really a fan of that combo.

Twist Bra Long Line.

Twist Bra Long Line.

The Raspberry color is really pretty.  I feel like this bra is too pretty to cover up…  Maybe this Raspberry color under the Rollin’ with my Om’ies Tank in Black or the multi Flowabunga??

Patience Tank in Bleached Coral/Neon Pink paired with the Flowabunga Wunder Under Pant.

Patience Tank in Bleached Coral/Neon Pink paired with the Palm Play Wunder Under Pant.

Bag Comparison – Festival vs. Go Lightly.

I loved last year’s Festival Bag so much, but ended up selling mine anyway come Autumn.  What was I thinking?!  The size truly is perfect for daily use (no matter the season).  To say I was thrilled with the announcement of the Go Lightly Bag is a gross understatement.   And…imagine my surprise when the Festival Bag was re-released early this month!!!  Cue the angels singing!   I will admit, because of the Festival’s release, I have been neglecting my Go Lightly (it had the tags on it until yesterday…gulp).  My co-blogger shamed me into busting it out.  So, I figured that today would be a perfect opportunity to do a little comparison of the two.

The U.S. initially got only the Go Lightly in Wamo Camo (which is my least favorite print of all time), so I chose to hold out for a solid color.  The Deep Coal was released a few weeks later, so I snapped that one up.

photo (12)

My Deep Coal GL.

The internal pocket of the GL is definitely easier to use than the Festival.  I love that you can open the main compartment two different ways – zip top and a zip front.

photo 1 (58)

View from the top zip. Note the zip tablet pocket and the two mesh compartments.

View from the front.

View from the front.

There are so many fun details on the GL – patterned strap, braided zipper pull, striped interior, mesh pockets.

photo 4 (43)

Interior “Mini Tablet” Pocket. See the fun striped interior?!

photo 2 (57)

Zipper pulls.

photo 3 (52)

Patterned strap – gorgeous colors! Silver Lulu logo.

The GL (like the Festival) can be worn crossbody, on the shoulder, or as a “fanny pack”.  It also features an “expandable design.”  This means you can cinch (or loosen) the front buckle to make the internal compartment smaller or larger depending on what you’re hauling.  According to the Lulu site, the bag’s dimensions are 12″ x 6″ x 8″.  The strap has a 23″ drop when fully extended, which makes it extremely comfortable for crossbody wear.

Now…onto the Festival Bag…aka my “bag of life.”  Seriously, this bag is EVERYTHING.  Even complete strangers and non-lovers of Lulu have commented on how “perfect” this bag is…  No joke.  My mother, who could not care less about Lululemon, raves about the function of this bag.  Two nurses oohed and aahed over it last week – one even described it as “perfect”.  I totally agree.

I purchased the Earl Grey (and the Spray Dye Cool Breeze/Bruised Berry, but it hasn’t arrived yet).  This color is stunning…and very versatile.  I have worn it with black, Inkwell, Cadet, Forest, Opal, Blue Tropics, Bruised Berry, Angel Wing…  It literally looks great with everything – even jeans, a tee, and Birkenstocks!  This particular shade has the same funky patterned strap as the GL – just different colors.

My Earl Grey Festival.

My Earl Grey Festival.

I love the easy access phone pocket on the back of the Festival – one major detail the Go Lightly is lacking.  When I am wearing the bag on my shoulder or crossbody I can pull my phone out with ease.  It’s so much handier than unzipping a zipper – keeps missed calls at bay.

Quick access phone pocket - located on the back of the bag.

Quick access phone pocket – located on the back of the bag.

 The deep (and zippered) compartment keeps items secure.  I can comfortably fit my nook (or a book), makeup bag, wallet and coin purse in here.  There is also another zippered pocket inside to hold your “items of importance”.  This pocket is great for holding cash, change, and other…unmentionables.  ;)  I reserve the snap pocket for items that I want easier access to – lip balm, keys, and sunglasses.

photo 4 (44)

View from the top of the interior pocket – see the mesh pocket, zippered “items of importance” compartment? So great for staying organized.

photo 5 (22)

Inside the main compartment. I love all the zippered pockets!

Snap pocket.

Snap pocket.

The measurements of the Festival Bag are 8″ x 12.5″ x 5″.  When fully extended, the strap is approximately 23″ – same as the Go Lightly.

All in all, the Go Lightly and the Festival are very similar.  The dimensions are comparable, no doubt.  Although the GL has a larger “main” compartment, I prefer the deep, zippered area of the Festival.  I, also, prefer the design of the Festival, hands down.  The abundance of pockets (especially the zippered ones) make this bag extremely secure and keep me organized.  And, as a Lulu addict, I will proudly admit that I really love the Lulu logo on the front of the Festival Bag.  Both bags are made of extremely durable, and easy to clean material.  Either way, you really can’t lose.  Both bags are amazing  - handy for everyday use (or for carrying goods to a concert).  You won’t be disappointed with either choice…

Which is your favorite??  Please let us know in the comment section!  We love to hear from you!

Namaste…and happy shopping.


We are BACK.

Hey, Lulu lovers!

We are so sorry for our extended hiatus.  But, hey, life happens!  We are back with a vengeance, though – committed to bringing you product drops, first impressions, dressing room and workout reviews.

Bear with us while we get up and running again…

As always, please contact us with any questions.

Namaste, friends.


What’s new? United States Upload.


Dance Studio Jacket III – Inkwell, Soot Light, Plum and Black.

unviversal wrap heathered black swan

Universal Wrap in Black Swan.  Also available in Heathered White and Black.

Swiftly Plu Stripe

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve in Heathered Plum.

after glow cozy stripe scuba

Scuba Hoodie in Afterglo/Cozy Stripe Printed Multi.  Super fun!

studio pant inkwell plum black

Studio Pant in Inkwell, Plum and Black.  These supposedly have a shorter inseam – 31.5″.

Also new in the upload – Seize the Day Jacket, Street to Studio Crops, City Pulse Pant, Studio Softshell,  and the Forme Jacket II.

What did you pick up from this week’s upload??  Share your purchases with us!

Will Crop – A Review.

Will Crop

I hesitated buying the Will Crop for a few weeks – I can be a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to purchases.  I just love my Wunder Unders so much (I was scared to stray)…and, quite frankly, I was put off by the high-waist and drawstring.  Fortunately, I have wonderful, fellow Lulu-lovers (ahem…Shannon) that bring me to my senses about matters such as a ‘convertible waist’.

I own these babies in Soot Light, of course (my go-to color, currently).  I love that I can wear them high-rise for inversions, then adjust the drawstring for a comfortable low-rise (shown above).  And like all Lulu, they are super comfy for lounging, as well.

Although these are technically crops, they fit me as ankle-length pants – just like the girl above.  I bought my regular pant size – 6.  Will Crops fit like a Wunder Under with just a bit more room to groove.  These babies are super flattering…  Maybe even more so than my beloved Wunder Unders.  I adore the pocket detailing, too.  It adds a bit of interest to a normally plain crop.  In my regular size, I haven’t experienced any sheerness.  In order to achieve a Wunder Under fit, the Will Crops can be a size down item for many.  Perhaps that is why others have mentioned VBL (visible panty line).  I regularly do a “Down Dog Test” when I order new pants and crops and these passed with flying colors.  The Will Crop Luon is thick…and ridiculously soft.

These are  must for any crop lover!


Tuck and Flow Long Sleeve – A Review.

First off, I am stunned by the amount of negative reviews on the Tuck and Flow Long Sleeve.  It seems many of the reviews on the site are less than favorable (despite the 4 star rating), and several of my friends have been lukewarm about it, as well – “Suck and Blow Long Sleeve,” anyone??  Nonetheless, I was excited for a non-Swiftly long sleeve top, so I ordered it immediately.  Plus, I love, love, love the Rulu material.  I have an older Ride On Henley that is one of my favorite purchases…ever.  The softness of Rulu just can’t be beat.  The Tuck and Flow proves that – it is velvety soft.

 I ordered my normal size for tops – an 8, which is the size I took in the Ride On.  Whoa.  Holy material.  I had so much room in the 8 I could have put another Ashley in there!!  I returned it for a 6.  Much better.  In fact, the 6 was perfect.  There seemed to be a huge difference between the 6 and the 8.  Odd.  Get it together with the sizing, Lulu…  Please.

I ordered the beautiful Slalom Stripe Angel Wing – shown below.  I love the versatility of this color combo.  It looks amazing with black, Plum, and Inkwell.  Also, I’m a sucker for stripes.

Tuck and Flow

The Plum Tuck and Flow is gorgeous, too.  I’ve debated ordering it, but I am really trying to cut back a bit on my Lulu spending…  Sad, huh??

Tuck and Flow2

I love the back detailing.  It is so much more interesting than the Devotion or Swiftly.

All in all, I think this is a great top.  It’s softness is unmatched.  I have been throwing it on after yoga practice (to keep the air-conditioned chills at bay).  It’s an amazing layer.  While it is still a bit too hot to give this top all the lovin’ it deserves,  I know it will certainly be a go-to come autumn.  It’s nice enough to wear with skinny jeans and boots!!  Having multiple ways and places to wear it helps justify the hefty price tag ($78).

Namaste, friends.